Model TM V

Operation Lenght:

It has a minimum lenght of 4.5 mtrs when fully extennded.

Weight :

Is 15 Kg when assembled and ready for use (including bipod/tripod)

Shoulder Strap:

It has a comfortable shoulder strap with adjustable sleeve for operator to wear and handle it.

Stand off Distance:

It provides a standoff distance of minimum 3 mtrs from the claw

Lifting Capacity :

It is able to handle/lift upto 10 Kgs of weight when fully extended with bipod

Jaw Opening :

The Claw is adjustable and open to a minimum of 20 cm(8").

Break Away :

The telescophic manipulator is having a breakaway tip arrangement, so that in case of a possible explosin ,only the tip is damaged and reduce the recoil almost to nil.

Optional Claws :

The equipment is provided with various optional claws, which can be fitted and used as required depending on the shape of the object to be manipulated.

Water Jet Disruptor :

It is possible to deliver water jet disruptor using this manipulator.

Rechargeable Battery Pack :

The rechargeable battery pack power source lasts for a minimum of 2 hrs of continuous operation time.

Charger :

the equipment in provided with one set of charger.

Carrying Case :

The equipment in folded state will be small and portable in a carrying case.

Operating Temperatute :

The equipment will be able to function at extreme ranges of temperature -20 ° C to +50 ° C.

Water Proofing :

The electronic components are water proof.

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