The 36 Piece Non-Magnetic tool kit is designed for EOD operations.all tools are manufacture from beryllium copper alloy and conform to stanag 2897 standards.all tools are supplied in a heavy duty fabric carrying case with non-magnetic fiting, with all tools having individual cutouts in foam trays which provide an effective tool control system which clearly shows if any tool is missing. all tools are suitable for contact use and are supplied individually certified.

The 36 Piece Non-Magnetic tool kit comprises the following:-

  • 200mm Tweezers screwdriver 3x150mm Flat
  • 200mm Probe
  • 25mm Scissors
  • 200mm Tweezers screwdriver 3x150mm Flat
  • Hacksaw
  • Hacksaw blade
  • Putty Knife/Scraper 37mmx191mm
  • Wire Brush 4 Row
  • Pliers Flat nose 155mm
  • Pliier Snip Nose 170mm
  • Side Cutters 165mm
  • Ballpein Hammer
  • Club Hammer with grp sheft
  • Cold Chisel 16x165mm
  • Cold Chisel 25 230mm
  • Pry Bar 16x455mm
  • Swan Neck Bar 455mm
  • Replacement tools can be provided individually
  • Approximate weight 13kgs
  • Screwdriver 4.5x150mm Flat
  • Screwdriver 6x100mm Flat
  • Screwdriver 8x150mm Flat
  • Screwdriver 10x300mm Flat
  • Screwdriver Offset 6x130mm Flat
  • Screwdriver Cross point no.1
  • Screwdriver Cross point no.2
  • Screwdriver Cross point no.3
  • Screwdriver Cross point no.4
  • Adjustable Spanner 19x150mm
  • Adjustable Spanner 28x255mm
  • Adjustable Spanner 28x355mm
  • Knif
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