We offer extremely high quality automatic bollards that meet the relevant standards in their range of impact resistance in each category.Our Bollards will be secured in the housing firmly when raised or lowered.

All Bollards will have fluorescent strips and Led's on the periphery for visibilty from distance. Manual and automatic bollarrds consume less space and disappear in the ground compared to road blockers.state of the art design facilities easy installation ,maintenance and replacement.

Sailent Features:
Offered in hydraulic,electrical and pneumatic

Raising and lowering time from 3-6 seconds

Height range from 500-900mm

Diameters ranging from 100mm to 400mm

Interface with traffic signal system or independent controlling stations

Can be operated over 300-800cycles per day

Available in stainless steel and mild steel

Choice of standard colours for wheather resistance painting

Controlling options-Manual remote pendent,rfid and proximity sensors

Meeting the specifications of k2 k4and k6

Wide range of accessories for different environments

Custom built bollards for specific requirements

Optional elements for power failures

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