Non Linear Junction Detector Model COBRA NLJD 09 is designed for search and detect various types of covert listening devices, RCEID. COBRA is capable of detecting almost any electronic appliance in any operational mode: active, stand-by, switch off/ The design of out devices consists in detection of radio microphones, microphone amplifiers, Dictaphones in premises (walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, etc.)

Excellent detection range, ERP up to 4W coupled with > -115dBm sensitivity. Dual Harmonic continuous wave (CW) OR Pulse transmission removes risk of missing a target due to sweeping too quickly, Light weight, balanced ergonomic design for ease of use. All cables are well secured giving added advantage in the field of operation.

- Frequency: Between 840 MHz to 915 Mhz
- Power output: Less than equivalent of 4 watt
- Receiver has Rx frequency:
-- 2nd harmonic between 1680 to 1830 MHz
-- Third Harmonic 2520 to 2745 MHz respectively
- Sensitivity: More than - 115dbm - Antenna: High Gain antenna
- Display: Visual display for 2nd ad 3rd harmonics
- Control Functions: Volume Functions Power selection
Output Audio: With and without head phone
Test False alarm rate: Less than 5%
Power Requirements Battery: Rechargable battry with 3hrs operation times on single full charge. One spare battery provided. Battery having protection against reverse polarity
Battery Charger: 180 to 240 V
Weight:Operational Weight in hand < 4.5 kg
Operation Conditions: Opearational temperature range is -5 to +50 degrees Celcius
Humidity is 90% RH
Activation: The system will activate any active radio controlled device in close proximity to search head

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