1. EQUIPMENT’S: Equipment is user friendly, easy to under-stand. The equipment is enable an operator to detect by contact and contactless means, timers and other oscillation component that might be used in IEDs. The operational principle of the device is based on the reception of electrical, magnetic, acoustic and vibration fields. Which are created by electronic and mechanical timers and control circuits of the explosive devices and subsequent analysis of periodic rhythms present in adopted signal. The equipment detect the timers of mobile phone all types, mechanical timers, Quartz based timers and digital timer. The sensor is multipurpose useable.

Weatherproof: The capability of the equipment to work in all weather condition from a temperature range of -20° C to 55° C Humidity 95% and under different humid condition. Shockproof: The equipment is capable to withstanding the normal sock and bumps of daily operations without any problem.

3. Safety: Equipment is completely safe for security personal operating the equipment. The system is passive.

4. Low battery indicator: System has low battery indicator.

Technical specifications

1. Power supply: rechargeable battery Lithium Ion with continuous operating time of 40 hrs.
2. Operating temperature: -20° C to 55° C Humidity 95%
3. Detection: mechanical (acoustic and vibration), electromechanical (pagers, cellular phones based) and electronic timer (quartz digital wrist watch based) to be detected.
4. Detection range: it should analysis the magnetic electric field and acoustic/vibration. It should have mechanical, electrical vibration and acoustic channels to detect the electromechanical & electronic clock based as well as wrist watch based fuses. Weight: device is ergonomically designed. Light weight and portable
5. Amplification: the Amplification of sound is the order of 5, 00,000 or better distance 1 mtr.
6. Search head: Sensors for contact and contact less detection.
7. Carrying case: carried on a belt or by shoulder strap, light weight rugged for frequent transport.

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