Incline Ascent/Descent : Able to ascend/descend a slope of a minimum of 45 degrees.

b) Platform Dimensions : Able to fit through an aperature meauring. H=720MMX W=680MM H=28.35'XW=26.77"
c) Overall Weight(Platform): Max 100lb (45.4 Kg)to allow the platform to be two-man-portable
d) Overall Weight (platform,ocu& transit container): Max 150lb(68.1kg)to aloow complete system to be loaded /transportedprior to deployment
e) Running Gear Tracks : Min 4"width(10cm) Wheels are off road capable ,min 4" clearance from base
f) Packing Container: Provision of packing container for protection of system components, box able to contain both platform/OCU
g) Tools: Ability to attach tools (including disruptor) to the arm
h) Firing systems : Two independent firing circuits
i) Lights : Sufficient light systems to operate in the dark

Communication Features :

Operating System:Ability to change frequency setting dependent on the environmental conditions at the time of operating
Communications (1) the ability to control the platform via the operational control unit(OCU)at a distance of at least 200mtrs.
Communications (2) Ability to allow multiple platforms to be operated from the same incident control point(icp)

Manipulation Features :

Manipulation(1)Shoulder rotation of no less than 200 degrees of rotation .
Manipulation(2) Elbow rotation of no less than 180 degrees.
Manipulation(3) Ability to lift a weight of no less than 10lb(4.6kg) fully extended (min two feet arm range from the front of the rov)or 25lb(10.5 kg) when retraced
Manipulation(4) Continual
wrist rotation of the mainupulator (gripper) assembly
Manipulation(5) Manipulator assembly able to open to minimum width of 5"(12.7cm)

Camera Features:

Multiple Cameras : A minimum of 3X camera system mounted on to the platform,front and back side covered
b) Front Camera: Minimum 120degree view ability ,fixed or moveable.
c) Pan/Tilt Colour Camera : Provision of Colour imagery to ocu via 100 degree tilt and 180 degree pan abilities, has pan/tilt capability for target assessment 7 RSP

Environmental Performance :

a) Incline Ascent/Descent : Able to ascend/descent a slope of minimum of 45 degrees without implementing performance
b)Curb Ascent/Descent : Able to ascend/descent over a curb height no less than 4" (10cm) without impending performance
c) Mobility : The ability to operate in an area contaning loose sand to depth between 2" and 4" (5-10cm)without impending performance
d) Endurance : The ability to operate for a duration not less than 60 mintus (constant )& 2 hrs intermittent (with operation cycles in total)
e) Vulnerability : The ability to opearte within an environment which contains sand/dust particles

Command Control :

a) Radio Control
b) Color Screen

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