Structure Installation :

The ROV is able to carry out EOD and surveillance of the following structures/installation:
1) Building & installation.
2) Urban Transportation Location.
3) Passenger Terminals
4) On Ferries and ship.

Key Technical Features :

The ROV is having the following key technical features:-
i) Vehicle portable – it is not more than 300 kg.
b) Climbing ability – it can climb 30 degree stair/slopes.
c) It can Operate in all type of weather arid to driving rain.
d) Telescope Boom- it is Extended min 2m and max 4 mtrs. from the ground /floor
e) It is provided with Video colour camera, driving reverse camera which can aim with pan and tilt capability.
f) It is provided with Night vision capability with IR preferred camera.
g) It is provided with Modular weapon mounting system.
h) It is provided with EOD manipulator arm with camera & white floodlight.
i) It can aim with the help of both camera & laser aiming pointer.
j) Lifting capability – it has got lifting capability of 10 kg and above with arm fully extended.
k) Spot lights- qty two-one for driving camera and other for aiming camera and compatible with video camera.
l) It has Preferably built in test equipment (BITE) Facility.


a) It is provided with Radio Control Urban /Built up area- 200 m.
b) Provided with Radio Control open area- 01 Km.
c) Provided with Fiber Optic control min 200m.
d) It has got Capability to take X- ray with X- ray mount assembly/real time viewing system.
4) EMI/EMC: Equipment is EMI/EMC compatible.

EOD Options(Optional):

a) Water jet Disruptor.
b) Shock Tube initiators.
c) Charge Dropper assembly.
d) RTVS Mount.
e) Lifting bracket with articulated movement for key opening.

Power Supply:

a) It has got arrangement for AC to DC via on board power converter with cable
b) Rapid rechargeable lithium ion battery.
c) Battery Capacity.
ii) Driving Endurance – 2 hrs.
iii) Operational Endurance – 4 hrs.
d) Battery charger is provided with options of fast charge and normal charge. The maximum charging time for fast charge is not more than 6 hrs and for normal charge is not more than 12 hrs.

Base Station:

a) It is Compact and light weight.
b) Portable control system.
c) The Display unit with high resolution screen on LCD screen.
d) It is Capable of powered on mains and battery both.
e) It has picture in picture display with camera selection by way of touch screen.
f) It has joystick control.
g) It has inbuilt safety feature.
h) It has essential operational controls.

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