MODEL : LED 2030


Model LED 2030:

1. Casting/Body/Casing/body of HHSL is heavy duty, water resistant and one piece molded with integral handle of ABS/Engineered plastic.it is light and corrosion proof and maximum weight including the battery 1.5 Kgs(Max)& lenght of 35 cm(Max)

2. Construction:

a. The LED lamp is of 30 watts.
b. The battery is replaceable by unscrewing back cover without disturbing electronics
3. Battery rechargeable lithium ion battery with run time of 5 hours & 6 hours respectively at low beam & high beam.
4. Housing of Battery :
a. There is adequate space around the battery in the housing for dissipation of heat developed in battery while charging.
b. The battery fuse is easily accessible from outside for ease for replacement.
5.Lamp it has LED light source with intensity to facilitate detection of a group of moving persons at a distance of 600 meter in idle condition.
6) Circuit/switch/selector
a) Wire is heavy duty
b) suitable control for on/off and function like flasher and dimmer.
c) Twe switches for selection of following modes:-
1) Continuous/direct light.
2) Preferrably two postions of dimmer & flasher
7) Battery charger and indicator
a) suitable charger capable of operation from 100 to 240 volts,50 HZ, single phase ac supply. the power cord is minimum 2.5 meter long.
b) full charging time is not exceed 8 hours.
c) LED indicator for battery status during operation and charging.
d) Adequate protection shall be provided against short circuit, battery over charge and discharge and reverse polarity.
e) it has auto cut off to prevent overcharging of the battery after it is full charged.
8) Operating temperature equipment is operate satisfactorily in the temperature of 10℃ to 50 ℃.

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