Model TM-II


1. It has a comfortable shoulder strap with adjustable sleeve for operator to wear and handle it.
2. It provides a standoff distance of minimum 4 meters from the claw.
3. It is able to handle/ lift up to 10 kgs of weight when fully extended with Tripod as standard feature.
4. The claw is adjustable. It is also able to pickup soft objects i.e. Toy-bomb, plastic bottles, soft packet bombs etc., by way of torque control feature.
5. The telescopic manipulator is having a breakaway tip arrangement, so that in case of a possible explosion, only the tip is damaged and reduce the recoil effect almost to nil.
6. The equipment is provided with various optional claws, which can be fitted and used as required depending on the shape of the object to be manipulated.

7. The rechargeable battery pack power source lasts for a minimum of 60 minutes of continuous operation time.
8.The equipment is to be provided with only one set rechargeable batteries and charger.
9.The equipment in collapsed state will be small enough to be packed in a pipe structure and a VIP Odyssey case.
10.The robotic claw rotates endless 360 with a motorized rotation control in addition to the motorized closing/ opening.

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