SK-CHECK-PILAR (Single Zone)

Detection :

It is capable to detect both ferrous, non ferrous metals, it alloys and ferrite.


ABS single pillar panel with pedestal and control unit housed in this pedestal. Remote control audio visual display with in a range of 20 mtrs is provided for concealed operations of frisking.

Passage Dimensions:

Height : 200 cm approx Operating Distance 1mtr on either side


Day visible alpha numeric 16 digit FND display.

Power Supply:

90V to 270 V AC, 50 Hz, 12 VDC, is provided with internal battery back up for 20 hour minimum.


Acoustic and Optical Alarm

Sensitivity :

Wide range of Sensitivity setting and fine tuning.


Single zone, covering full height of the instrument.


Manual and automatic by built in key pad and by remote control via a serial / wireless link, All functions are programmable & controlled by a microcontroller.


Uniform from top to bottom.

Throughtput rate:

25 people per minute.


Confirm to relevant electric safety standard.


Provision of connectivity with computer systems.

Other Features:

a) High discrimination between small masses and personal metallic objects.
b) Automatic synchronization for DFMDs located close to each other up to a distance of two meters side by side.
c) Programming protection by pass word.
d) It is not affected by opening / closing of a metallic gate in vicinity.
e) It is not affected by heavily reinforced floors.
f) It is not affected by external RF transmission and EMI.

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