MODEL : D-2014


Model D-2014

General Specification :

PDFMD detects any type(Ferrous/Non Ferrous) metal devices
1) Frame structure is telescophic with clutch locking made from high quality ultra polyvinyl carbonate and couplewrs is made of unbreakable plastic.
2) Frame pipe diameter is 75mm in bottom,63 mm & 50mm in middle and 40mm of upper in telescophic manner and pipe thickness minimum of 3mm.
3)Frame Size(Minimum) Width:700mm,Height =1900 mm
4) Frame base is of finished soil wood
5) Visual walk stop digital display and the control unit is one the frame and all wire are concealed inside the pipe frame. only single multistrand wire for search coil is running inside the pipe structure. no seperate wires for the IR sensors. No seperate Briefcase is required for the control unit. The control unit & Walk stop house in single case is placed on the top of the frame.

Technical Specification:

1) Control unit has microcontroller based technology
2) Device worked on input 90 to 270 volt AC/50 Hz and has protection against accidental over voltage
3) intial setting time ( start-up-time) is within 60 second.
4) System is auto set .. system gets returned in case any big metal is brought near the DMFD search coil
5) auto rest time is minimum for next entrants
6) it is auto reset type when any other make PMFMD installed at 100cm.range
7) visual digital display unit is of LCD 20x4 type
8) Sensing of metal; display LED bar graph on front panel
9) Control unit and frame are interchangeable with each other.
10) PC Connectivity with software.
11) Remote control for setting the DMFD in addition to setting from the control unit
12) Min 5 Digit traffic counter with in-out and net in feature to be provided.


1) Senstivity is adjustable for user
2) Senstivity threshold level is adjustable
3) Low senstivity Up to level 3 (Ferrous/Non Ferrous)
4) Mid senstivity Up to level 3 (Ferrous/Non Ferrous)
5) High senstivity Up to level 3 (Ferrous/Non Ferrous)
6) It detects ferrous/non ferrous metal at any corner of the frame

Battery Supply:

1) Battery is mainteance free type
2) Battery last at 20 hrs. on any location with full charge
3)Battery charging and low battery indication on control unit

Audio-Alarm :

3 Tone audio of various type of metal sensing

Packing :

The entire system fit into a briefcase not more than 27inch with foam cutting inside

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